Web Callback

Out on the road to call everywhere

If you do not want to consume your outgoing airtime on your cell phone, you can ask for a CallBack to your cellphone.

Alhenacom's CallBack is a service designed to save you money on your existing cell phone package.

It eliminates outgoing air time charges even when you make outgoing calls using your existing cell phone provider. That is the most expensive part of your cell phone bill.

In addition, it frees you from paying hefty call charges to your service provider.

CallBack will cost double charges i.e. people need to add charges from destination they are requesting a CallBack to the destination they are calling; e.g. a person calling from USA to Canada will pay for USA rate and for Canada rate.

If you are requesting for a CallBack from a place other than North America, you will be charged for call to your number and the number you will call using Alhenacom CallBack Service. For example, a person using CallBack from Mexico to South Africa will be charged for Alhenacom South Africa rates + Alhenacom Mexico Rates. Please note that this is only viable if saving outgoing air time is important for a user.

Alhenacom rates are so cheap that you can still save money with the callback.

Web callback can also be used in countries where VOIP calls are blocked by the Telecom operator.

Enjoy your calls by taking advantage of our exciting local and international rates.